CS 373 Spring 2021 Week of Mar 1–7:


1 ) What did you do this past week?

For CS 373, I mainly worked on getting my group’s website phase 1 complete. My group met about every day for an hour or so, and we worked some on our own after assigning duties. I was responsible for setting up the website’s (critterycovery.me) homepage and navbar.

2 ) What’s in your way?

My group has discovered that our models aren’t quite working out. We are still waiting on api keys from a couple websites that were a huge part of our idea. I think that we will have a meeting tomorrow about figuring that out.

My navbar’s stickiness to the top also broke while I was formatting the homepage, and so now I need to fix that as well.

3 ) What will you do next week?

Next week, I want to implement pagination and some animations for the group project. I expect for the week to be busy since I have a project for my networks class that is due on Friday, and several classes will be wanting to end things for spring break.

4) If you read it, what did you think of the Open-Closed Principle?

The Open-Closed principal is a set of programming ideas that stem from the idea that code should not be modified after implementation, but features can be added to it. I used to try to use it for writing object oriented code, but I probably have forgot about some of the OOD techniques after doing so much low level stuff with OS and arch.

5 ) What was your experience of iterators and reduce2?

I learned that calling iter on an interator will return itself. I thought that it would have returned a copy of itself so that we could iterate over the same area in two separate instances, but the purpose of iter(iterator) returning itself is so that we can use iterators in for loops. I suppose that my idea would have created a bunch of issues with needing to get the same spot that the iterator was currently at.

I liked making the seed an optional argument with reduce 2. Making sure that both arguments were filled for the binary function was slightly more complicated though.

6 ) What made you happy this week?

Getting groceries on Monday was nice since I had not had much to cook with over the weekend, and I was waiting to get groceries until the grocery stores had a little more stock on the shelves.

I was excited when I found out a way to make the video on the homepage start at a random point in the video.

7 ) What’s your pick-of-the-week or tip-of-the-week?

react-player was a nice little lib for adding video, or audio to a website. It has a companion repo on github called react-player-controls which allows you to customize the player’s controls that face the user.




Computer Science major at the University of Texas at Austin

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William Crawford

William Crawford

Computer Science major at the University of Texas at Austin

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